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Distant Healing

How does Distant Healing Work?


Distant healing is a natural process that has been extensively studied and documented. It has now been proven scientifically to be as effective as a session in the room with the practitioner. It consists in the practitioner creating contact with you using the phone or a video conference system (such as Skype or FaceTime) and then working on your energy, emotional and spiritual bodies from afar.


How do I book my Distant Healing Session?


You can book your session by contacting us on +353-873533579.


You can also contact us 24/7 on email to book your session: or using the form here below.


Please include your full details, preferred method for the session (Skype, Facetime, ...) and associated contact details, as well as your location so that we can allocate you a time-slot accordingly.


Note: We speak French and English!


Distant healing appointments are taken in the same way as “in-person” sessions, but remember we are based in Ireland! Our working hours are 9am-9pm local time. Local date & time in Ireland is currently:




How do I prepare for my Distant Healing Session?


For your distant healing session we would require you to lie down comfortably in a quiet place for about 40 minutes. The sessions are usually around 1h altogether. Please ensure you have good network coverage so that we have the best possible connection quality during the session.


We would also ask you to ensure you are well hydrated before the session to maximise the potential of the healing.


Payment for your session should be received 24h in advance of your session. Without pre-payment we can't guarantee your time slot.



Distant Healing Session Fees?


Our fees are as follows:


Daytime (French Time):  €70

Evening (After 6pm Irish time) or Week-ends:  €80

Kids under 11:  €50

Note that payments need to be made at the time of booking and are not refundable in case of cancellation within 3 days of the session.


You may check the current exchange rates with your local currency using the following application:






What people are saying...


"Within 4 sessions from the distance with Olivier I was cancer free. Even though we never met! Can't begin to explain how grateful I am. Olivier has an amazing gift"

Maya., Colorado, USA


"Olivier carried out a healing from afar and within 36 hours my son turned a corner. Olivier has a wonderful gift"

Julie., co Kildare, Ireland


"The session was remote (him in Dublin, me in Hokkaido - Japan). I felt the warmth of hands on each side of my head, something on my solar plexus, I felt well, happy, I let go. The next couple of days, I felt better, happier, more energised and more at peace"

Marie-Amelie., Hokkaido - Japan


"The treatment sessions (including two sessions over the telephone) were just incredible. I felt a powerful energy crossing all my body, like an impression that the time was suspended"

Estelle, Paris - France


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