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Your Path to Self Recovery


November 30, 2013

We all love music…it is an integral part of our lives and, as I’m sure you know, music can inspire you, uplift you and nurture you, make you want to dance, cry and sing. The emotion carried in the melody and lyrics can transport you to a different time in your life, can unearth a deep feeling in your heart and inspire you to perform better at what you are doing.


But have you ever listened to and liked a song for a long time without actually listening to the lyrics? It happens to you when you hear a nice melody or a great vocal and you can get caught up in those things and forget the meaning in the lyrics. Then you read something or experience something that immediately connects you to the lyrics again but this time you hear those lyrics for the first time as they have a completely different meaning for you.


This is my story about how it happened to me and the effect it had on me and my journey. I hope it inspires you to make a change in your life. I bought the album Rites of Passage by the Indigo Girls. I think it was in 1993. I was 23 (I hear all of your brains working out how old I am-yes I am old!). There are a number of brilliant songs on this album but I always loved the song “Galileo”. I loved the vocals, the harmonies, the melody and I sang it out loud (badly) in my silver 10 year old Mazda 323.


Years later I found the CD again and put it on in the car on the drive home from a Shamanic weekend workshop. I listened to Galileo again for the first time in ten years. I listened to familiar lyrics but stopped suddenly…..I pulled over and sat and listened to the song unfolding and growing in front of me as it spoke to me for the very first time I heard:


“And now I'm serving time for mistakes, Made by another in another life time”


And then:

 “How long 'til my soul gets it right? Can any human being ever reach that kind of light?”


And finally:
“But then again it feels like some sort of inspiration, To let the next life off the hook"

I was astonished…….I had played this song a thousand times and now sitting in the car, in the middle of nowhere, they resonated so strongly with me. It was a real awakening to how much I had changed over those years.


In the same way you are on a journey to change the attitudes and ideas that you are conditioned to believe from your current life and from previous lives.

As kids we are told we are not good enough by so many people, our true potential is ignored by those close to us and we create the blocks that stop us doing what we want to do and are destined to do.


Breaking the bonds of past life conditioning to let go of present day baggage is a very powerful and achievable outcome. Even more powerful and achievable is breaking the subconscious belief that you are not good enough and can’t heal. Changing them to firm beliefs that you can heal, you can change and you are not only good enough but are an amazing soul with amazing potential is achievable.


The song Galileo expresses the view that our soul regenerates for the betterment of all creatures over time. The soul yearns for higher wisdom and fulfilment... The highest heights are achievable only through commitment to the truth. Galileo was a pinnacle of light and truth in his pursuit of Spirituality.


You can change your limiting beliefs, you can change the conditioning you have been bombarded with over the years and you can feel much more fulfilled and live the life you want. You can change and achieve Spiritual growth and awareness by moving away from what your mind has been conditioned to make you believe as it tries to keep you in the cycle of negative thought about yourself and others. You don’t have to keep paying for mistakes you made in this life or that were made by others who blame us for them.


You can change…


We would love to hear about the songs which you have a strong connection to and why. 



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