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Spiritual Christmas - Let's look at the symbolic of Christmas

December 9, 2013

Have you noticed how the Christmas energy is now slowly but surely surrounding us? Have you ever reflected on all these things we do for Christmas? May be this year we could bring even more awareness into these very special moments of the year!Let’s start with these candles that we are starting to light up now… We might even light a fire in the house. So we invite light into the house…We are also bringing in the Christmas tree… The type of tree that we bring in is of great significance… We pick evergreen trees, as evergreens represent the ever-burning fire of life. It is green and vibrant to signify the life force through the year. So we invite nature into the house too…Have you also noticed where the tree points to? It guides us towards heaven and asks us to elevate ourselves a little bit more as we finish off the year. Would it be possible for us to let go of all the tensions, the hardship, the suffering…? It is now time for forgiveness and re-unification with others and our family. So we bring ourselves and family into the house too... So Christmas is the time we unite with our family, with nature, with light and spirits to ignite the light that will bring about the new year. Let us wish you all a wonderful preparation towards Christmas! Let’s make it an amazing one!

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