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April 2, 2014

Have you ever considered what your life is about? What drives the decisions that you are making every day? You are probably spending a lot of your time and energy to fulfil somebody else’s dream. We really believe there is another way...


May be it is time for you to unwind and reflect on this, even just for a couple of minute. Last night I was reading about attachment. Consider everything in your life that you put after “My”. My car, my house, my work… The minute you put “My” before anything it becomes a source of suffering. None of what is out there is truly yours, isn’t it? Stop here for a second…


Does anybody belong to anybody? Are you defined by your work title? Are you defined by what you own?


You are probably starting to realise you are much more than this, and that any attachment is limitation.


May be by reading these couple of lines you will find inspiration to lift your heart and bring in more YOU into this life… All what this life needs right now is:


                                   more YOU…


Love & Light,



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