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The beauty of the "No"

July 28, 2014

This morning I have been confronted with a hard "No", and I suppose you might have been confronted with this in your life many times. So I just decided to reflect on this today... What is this "No" telling me? Why I am presented with a "No"?



I know from experience there is usually very little to do to change a "No" into a big "Yes!".  But really when you get a "No" the question becomes "what do I want to do next?". Everything is possible and everything can be changed very easily, but this "No" was really asking for deeper questioning. Am I asking the right question? Or am I just being told to explore another route? More and more questions were coming as I was contemplating this "No".



So I decided to meditate on it...



And what came out was simple, but yet very profound: "You need to decide Olivier". What this "No" was pushing in me was “decision making”. Sometimes we expect the Universe to present us with the answers or to guide us... But sometimes our questions will not be answered unless we make the decision.



So I suppose it is decision time. Give up or fight? Well this decision is entirely mine, but I hope that by reading these couple of lines you might be inspired to see your “No” in another way, to see the beauty in the "No"!





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