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Coaching / Training

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Why would I come for coaching/training?


Do you want to explore and learn more about your own abilities?

Do you find ourselves at crossroads and needing help to grow and advance on our journey?


Most of the time adding another qualification to your list of skills won't answer that search or craving within, as what you are really looking for, is understanding better what happens within you and who you are. The key is to unleash your true potential and power within, and trust what we have probably been feeling all along.


If you want to fast track your learning and develop your natural abilities, search no more we have exactly what you need, one to one courses tailored 100% to you and your specific needs.

Who can benefit for our training?


  • Complementary Therapists

  • Individuals who want to discover or unleash their healing or psychic potential


What will I learn?


This coaching and training will be tailored to you and you specific needs.  


The area that we shall cover might include:

  • discover your unique abilities

  • learn new healing skills / techniques

  • remove any blocage that prevents you from expending

  • gain confidence 

  • learn to trust yourself

  • develop your ability to see, feel, know

  • increase the intensity of your work

  • grow spiritually

  • learn how to attract more clients


This list is not exhaustive, as we are all unique, on a different path and looking for help in a different way. So what you shall receive will be aligned with your request and needs in the moment.

What to expect when coming for coaching/training?


Our Coaching/Training sessions are individual one to one sessions, usually lasting for about 4h. They are organised so that you shall be given all the time that you need to express yourself, practice some new practical skills and receive transformational energies.


We shall welcome you just the way you are... as a person that is unique with amazing potential and help you develop them in the way that is right for you.


Who will be doing the teaching?


Olivier shall be conducting  the training in person and guide you through the teaching/coaching process. 

The session can be organized to take place face to face, but can also be performed online using video conference.

Olivier has trained many individuals in Ireland, France, the UK and even in Seattle in the USA.

More about Olivier>>

What people are saying...


"Having experienced healing from Olivier on a number of occasions I cannot recommend him highly enough.  His kindness and strength and amazing ability to help others heal is truly quite amazing.    However as a therapist myself, I felt I was missing something so I decided to ask Olivier for some further training.

I found these training sessions inspirational, and they opened my own natural abilities even further.   My initiation was to carry out my first ever Distance Healing from Ireland to Paris.  I also was challenged with providing Olivier with a healing while he extended support to me on a physical level he opened up my ability to map to clients on physical emotional and spiritual level, which has become a very natural integration in my own practice.

There were no books, schedule or programme, all training was divinely guided and magnificently powerful.

Thank you Olivier for all your help and for your continued support to me both as healer and mentor I am forever grateful."

Edel, Dublin


"After training to a number of modalities like Reiki, Access Bars and many more, I felt that somehow I was still missing something. I felt I was struggling to expend more and did not know how. I had been in contact with Olivier before and when I heard he was offering teaching I could not wait to get started! And I was in for a ride... Could not believe what happened right after the first session! My abilities just opened up unexpectadly. After years of wanting to see during my sessions and wanting to explore past-lives, I was instantly able to so... It is hard to describe what happened, working with Olivier just enabled it. Can't begin to describe how grateful I am! Thank you Olivier!"

Marie,  Paris


"The training with Olivier was really interesting. As Olivier had told me in the session that the type of clients that would approach me in my practice were going to change immediately. So it did! I started straight away to get new client with much deeper work needed, like cancer patients. Where as before I would have been afraid to take on these kind of clients, it felt very natural and I felt so much stronger in my abilities. I am just blown away, my sessions are so much more powerful now! Olivier you are amazing! And I really enjoyed the bonus healing session you gave me in the end!"

Louise,  Kildare

"I was looking for a coach to help me in developing my spiritual and physical abilities as a healer therapist and I met Olivier here in Luxembourg. This was not a coincidence, I’m sure now.

His gifted intuition and natural empathy along with his professionalism makes him “the Coach”.

After the first session, where he removed some blockages, well, I could not believe my eyes, as my potentiality increased tenfold.  

My family and friends are amazed of the immediate changes and results. Mentoring is ongoing and there is more to discover in each session. I cannot thank God enough to have shown me the path to meet this wonderful gifted person. My gratitude and my thanks will remain etched in the Cosmic Memory forever,

God bless you Olivier."

​​Virginie, Luxembourg

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