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House Energy Clearing

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Do I need a house energy clearing?


  • Have you moved to a new home recently? 

  • Is the atmosphere feeling heavy or uneasy in your house? 

  • Are you or your kids frequently waking up at night? 

  • Do you feel discomfort in any of the rooms in your house? 

  • Is your house feeling cluttered or noisy?


If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, it seems like your home could benefit from a good house energy clearing.


You might not realise it, but the place where you live takes on the energetic imprinting from all that happens in your life. It also did so for all what happened even centuries ago at the location of your house. So all these memories and events might still be trapped in your land or home, and can have a great effect on you and your life.


The good news is that all this can be released and cleared by performing a ritual called house energy clearing.

How can a house energy clearing bring fresh new energy into my home?


Ancient civilizations have always acknowledged hidden energies and performed rituals for dispelling the stagnant or old energies. These are energies that we can’t see but that are affecting us.


You have probably heard the expression ‘You could have cut the energy in the room with a knife’, indicating that the atmosphere was so dense in the room, that what ever happened in the room was physically tangible. You may not see energy but you do feel it!


Through house energy clearing, which takes the form of a ceremony, we will release and clear old stuck energies from your home. Using various techniques, we will transform the energy of your place so that anything that is no longer needed gets released, with the main objective of making your home a safe, joyful and serene place to live.


Why is house energy clearing important?


Energetically, everything that ever happens in a building gets recorded into the walls, floor and ceiling, or any furniture that might be there. Slowly but surely, any actions and behaviours, especially emotions or trauma get deeply imprinted into the space.


If you've ever had the experience of visiting places were extreme traumatic events had happened, you have probably sensed shivers along your spine and similarly when visiting spiritual or sacred sanctuaries, you may have experienced instant peace. So these are just example of how physically tangible these energies are.


Negativity that accumulates in a space can affect your energy, your vitality, your relationships, and even your day to day behaviour. So it is important to get your house cleared regularly.


Why should I choose Deo Healing?


Throughout the years, we have accumulated significant experience about house clearing, initially through our shamanic studies and then through all the houses we have cleared here in Ireland and also abroad.


If you decide to get your house cleared we us, we can guarantee you will get the best professional, safe and effective energy clearing, which we know is going to make a difference in your life.

What people are saying...


"The house feels so good.  It feels like it has a protection on it."

John, Dublin, Ireland


"It was a remarkable experience for us. The house feels clear, bright and airy, with an altogether new energy."

Neil, Dublin, Ireland





"Another incredibly special and memorable day at #northstarwellbeing. Our good friends Olivier & Yvonne conducted an amazing space clearing ceremony using sounds, sage, crystals and intention-setting. What an experience! If you live or work in a space that could benefit from an energy clearing, we highly recommend Olivier and Yvonne. Powerful!!!!"

Nuala, The North Star, Eglinton, Londonderry, United Kingdom



"Firstly a word of thanks from myself and fiancé. Since buying our house we were never truly at ease living there. We never slept properly and there was always a strange air about the place. Basically we didn't feel comfortable nor could we explain the strange occurrences throughout the house. When you came to clear our house we were made to feel at ease the moment you arrived. You both explained what was going to happen throughout the ceremony and the option to participate if we wanted to. We found the whole experience of removing the negative energy from our house quite amazing and can honestly say our house is much calmer with a more relaxed atmosphere. The energy within the house and ourselves today is a lot better. The process from start to finish was an amazing experience. We would strongly recommended Olivier and Yvonne for the work they do. We finally have our home back! Thank you so much!"

Gregory & Michelle, Dublin, Ireland.



"We had Yvonne and Olivier over for house energy clearing and our home feels so much 'lighter'! Both myself and my partner feel that something definitely shifted, something quite big. I feel a load has been lifted and that sitting anxiety has shifted. Thanks again to both of you for coming to our home and working your magic. You both made us feel very comfortable to express ourselves. Thanks again! We will keep you updated!"

Annemarie, Dublin, Ireland.



"We moved into an old house in the middle of Dublin and the house had a very suffocating feel to it - the entrance hall, passages and living room specifically were almost unbearable to be in. Hoping it wasn't only in my mind, I arranged for Olivier and Yvonne to come through not knowing what to expect and I am forever grateful that I did. They could feel the heaviness in the exact same areas that I did and got busy with their clearing. The house felt so much airier and lighter immediately and now is a pleasure to be in. My husband and I both noticed areas of the house we previously hadn't - like a window in the entrance hall. Olivier and Yvonne transformed our home from a place I avoided being alone in, to a serene, calm, welcoming space. I recommend them to every household to ensure the space is as positive and welcoming as it can be.I will most certainly use them again when we buy a place of our own".

Adi, Dublin, Ireland.



"I asked Olivier and Yvonne to do a house clearing for me and my mother. I suffered a lot with night terrors and we both felt there was a lot of negative energy residing in the house, as we often felt very drained and sluggish when we arrived home. When Olivier and Yvonne arrived, they immediately put us at ease, they explained the shamanic procedures they would use thoroughly and answered the numerous questions I had with loving enthusiasm! The change we have experienced in our home is unbelievable, there is now such calmness and peace, whereas before there was a claustrophobic atmosphere. I’m amazed by how clear and bright our house is now. Our energy levels have also been profoundly effected, instead of coming home and feeling stifled and sluggish, we come home to a warm and relaxed atmosphere, where the energy does not stagnate in each room. My night terrors have also disappeared and my cat now feels safe to sleep in my room which is the best result I could have hoped for! It is such a relief that I can really relax in my home now and feel at ease, as this is what a home is meant to feel like. I would strongly recommend anybody to do this and I cannot thank you guys enough for what you have done for us."

Wanita, Dublin, Ireland.



"Had Olivier and Yvonne over yesterday for a house clearing and these guys were amazing. I felt the powerful vibrations and the energy change. There is now a wonderful and peaceful hush over our home that before felt claustrophobic. Two beautiful and wonderful souls whose journey in this world is to help others heal and find peace. Thanks guys for all that you did for us." 

Leisa, Derry, Northern Ireland.



"Thanks to Olivier and to Yvonne for the wonderful house energy clearing session in our new home in Dublin tonight. It was a remarkable experience for us - and the house - as they combined shamanic techniques and Solfeggio sound frequencies to wonderful effect. The house feels clear, bright and airy, with an altogether new energy. Very happy to recommend this experience to anyone." 

John & Neil, Dublin, Ireland.

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