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"This is just a message to say thank you, I got a healing of you in December 2020, I was extremely depressed and not in a good way. Your healing changed my whole perspective on life, eliminated my negative thinking and pulled me out of the depths of depression. It quite literally changed my life.

I have just finished my first year of Shamanic training here in Australia, I don’t drink at all anymore and I am on a journey of trying to work on myself and hopefully help others along the way as well.

From the bottom of my heart : Thank you"

Brian, Melbourne, Australia

"I met Olivier online as I was searching for an alternative treatment. I was sick of going to doctors and I was told the usual stuff, "sorry we can't do anything" and I was charged a fortune. I really got so sick and tired of listening to doctors saying there was nothing they could do... I saw many consultants, some were good and some were not so good. I searched for Healers and eventually came across Olivier. I explained to him that I had developed a chronic cough since Nov 2019 and for the last 3 years on and off, and that I was sick and tired of still being there in 2021. Nothing would work. I explained to Olivier my situation over the phone and we did a distance session online approx 5 weeks ago and the relief and happiness that it has brought me is an understatement. My chronic cough has gone and I am 80% improved, still the odd cough here and there, but there is a massive improvement from my first session with Olivier. I will do another session to try bring that to 100% gone plus a few other things that need treatment. Olivier is a complete gent and very very helpful."

Cathal, Dublin, Ireland

"Olivier, you were a massive support and help throughout the four months of chemo treatment, so thanks a million for your healing, guidance and discussions around spirituality. It helped me cope with all the fear and anxieties I had and provided me with great comfort and hope.

The healing sessions were profound; the energy and love I experienced during these sessions reminded me that we all come from love and that this divine love is accessible to us all. It is a really nice feeling/knowing that you deleted the massive block I had - something I witnessed during our first session - and I know I will reap the benefits of this even more as the chemo toxins finally leave my body. 

A genuine person with a genuine gift. Thank you! 😊"

Barbara, Dublin, Ireland

"This has taken me some time to send on my testimonial as I honestly struggle to put into words just how grateful I am to have found you and the amazing gift that you hold. On my first baby scan, I found out that our babys chances of survival were very slim alongside the high possibility of many health issues due to hygroma. It was truly the worst day of my life and to say I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I immediately thought of you and on our call you not only gave me hope but also so many words of comfort, in which you will never know how much this meant to me during that time. My beautiful healthy baby girl was born this month and I will be forever grateful to you for the miracle that you created. You truly have such an incredible gift that everyone should know about and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, support and blessing ❤️️ Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. As always, I will continue to spread the word about you and your services. When I first met with you some years ago, I never envisioned that I would need to call upon you for something so devastating in the future and I give thanks everyday that I found you and your light ✨ Keep doing the incredible work that you are doing, literally life changing ❤️️"

Natalie, Co Meath, Ireland

"Always a positive and upbeat person, at age 41 I’d found myself in a big black hole of anxiety that had taken such a grip of me I wasn’t sure how to get out. It was affecting my family , my job and everything around me . Debilitating is the term . During this pandemic , I’d realised I was unhappy in my work and that I wanted to return to uni and re-train in a completely different area . As it stood , this was impossible as I could barely get through the days as it was without feeling completely overwhelmed . At this point my brother reached out and told me of Olivier . He had also had some healing done and told me it was a game changer . I booked straight away and had my ‘ appointment ‘ about a week later . I live on the other side of the world ( Australia ) so wasn’t sure how this would work. Olivier contacted me through FaceTime and was so down to earth and relaxed and we discussed what was going on . He left me to relax for about 45 minutes whilst he did the healing. I had a range of feelings and sensations , all completely comfortable and then Olivier called me back . We discussed the issues contributing to my anxiety and what he had done to fix them . I literally walked downstairs straight after with the warmest sensation of complete happiness . I have not had a minute of anxiety since that time ( about six weeks since the healing ) . I have gone back to uni , am feeling very strong minded and like I told Olivier ‘ I feel like my head and heart has been spring cleaned ‘ . I’m not sure where I might be now if I hadn’t had the healing . It was an absolute saviour to me . There are no explanations I can give about what he has done , only that for me , this has reinstated me back to me and I am utterly eternally grateful . Olivier thank you , sincerely."

Louise, Australia

"I very much look forward to my sessions with Olivier. I approach them to clear my energy, but also to realign myself to my own health, well being and work with others. When I was fatigued a few years ago , this was an important connection in Dublin. I am no longer experiencing that chronic fatigue, the kind that floors me, but I have requested ongoing sessions to continually promote my overall health i.e. in all areas, to recharge and to balance. I also have attended a teaching session with Olivier which I found very insightful. Olivier is a very gentle, wise man as well as having a lovely energy himself and it is not unusual for me, at this stage, to be laughing with him - as a result of the energetic boost! A great investment to my soul, for sure. Thanks Olivier and I look forward to the next session."

Katie, Scotland

"Thank you very much for giving me my life back, Olivier. I hope that the people that need your help find you. I have been open and honest with those close to me about my recovery through your healing sessions. It has taken me a while to even begin to comprehend what happened but Olivier definitely cured me. I was suffering debilitating pain and muscle spasms in my neck, shoulder and arm for over three months after a specific event. I saw 3 different doctors, and also massage therapists and physiotherapists and nothing worked. Two people in my life suggested I look into seeing a spiritual healer so I googled and found Olivier. I contacted him asking about potential appointments and immediately felt somewhat better. Since I was feeling a bit better, I decided not to arrange an appointment and continued with the massage therapy. Two weeks later I was told I would never get better and I would have to accept that I may not be able to do certain things anymore and I would have days where I’d just have to endure it and take painkillers. I just couldn’t believe this. I play the drums and I hadn’t been able to play in months. I was totally devastated. I had also been asked to join a band. I had never been in a band and it was the one thing I had always wanted to do in my life and now I finally got an offer and it looked like I couldn’t join because I was in so much pain and couldn’t play anymore. So I contacted Olivier again and felt almost completely recovered immediately so I cancelled the appointment the next day because I really thought I was recovered! Then the pain came back again so I made an appointment and promised I’d stick to it even if I felt better. I was apprehensive about going because I think I am a bit scared to believe in things I don’t understand or to put faith into things. I really can’t explain what Olivier did exactly because even though he did not touch me I felt real physical effects during the session. I felt my leg being stretched, my shoulder being pushed back etc. lots of different things. I was a lot better after this session but still not 100% so I went again about 4 weeks later and I have had zero neck, shoulder or arm pain since. The second session felt nowhere near as intense but I did feel my fingers being moved one by one and my hands felt like they were vibrating. Anyway, all I can say is he cured me! I just wish I had heard of Olivier from the start and had not wasted so much time and money on the other things. I spent over three months not living, just struggling through work every day in terrible pain. I feel very lucky and blessed to have discovered Olivier. I am now in the band, writing songs and playing the drums, thanks to you. Thank you so much, Olivier. I can’t thank you enough."

​​Jean, Kildare - Ireland

"My daughter and I went for a trip to see Olivier in his practice. From the get go I felt comfortable, safe and relaxed. Olivier is a wonderful man and extraordinary healer. I am so grateful of the experience I had, so many internal questions I had were answered during the healing session. I have been much more present in my daily activities especially with my children I am able to prioritise their needs and have fun and laugh much more than I had been. I am also calmer, happier and feeling a level of compassion and love that I haven't experienced before. My daughter as suffered from anxiety and was also relaxed prior to healing and very much so during the session. She came away with a reignited spark in her eyes and able to vocalise her fears. She has been sleeping better, her confidence is starting to peep through as her exuberance. She can't wait to go again to see Olivier. I highly recommend Olivier and am internally grateful that he shared his gift with my family and helped us on our path to spiritual healing and growth."

​​Aoife, Wicklow - Ireland

"Thank you Olivier for these healing sessions. You have made the biggest difference in my life over the past year, each healing session has helped so much and it is only looking back at where I am now to where I was I can see such a transformation....I am forever grateful. I don’t know where I’d be without you!"

​​Catherine, Melbourne - Australia 

"I was looking for a coach to help me in developing my spiritual and physical abilities as a healer therapist and I met Olivier here in Luxembourg. This was not a coincidence, I’m sure now.

His gifted intuition and natural empathy along with his professionalism makes him “the Coach”. After the first session, where he removed some blockages, well, I could not believe my eyes, as my potentiality increased tenfold.  My family and friends are amazed of the immediate changes and results. Mentoring is ongoing and there is more to discover in each session.  I cannot thank God enough to have shown me the path to meet this wonderful gifted person.

My gratitude and my thanks will remain etched in the cosmic memory forever, God bless you Olivier."

​​Virginie, Luxembourg

"I went to Olivier one afternoon with a prolonged leg injury and sore throat both of which started to clear that evening. He has an innate deep understanding of his clients and can heal all physical and psychological difficulties in the most profound way. As a gifted empath he feels and clears any blockages in the energy system so successfully that there is an immediate sense of relief after one session. 

Olivier knows instinctively what is truly at the core of the problem but guides you gently the truth of the situation rather than imposing his own viewpoint. For years I had unknowingly been preventing myself from having a satisfying  relationship as I had built a wall of protection for fear of being hurt which had manifested physically as layers of fat on my body particularly the stomach area. Olivier worked on this so well I now feel lighter in every sense of the word. Within two days my clothes were noticeably looser.

​He is a miracle worker with great humanity and humility and just knowing he's there means I can face life's problems with complete confidence."

​​Deirdre, Dublin

"My sister recommended Olivier to me, and the recommendation couldn't have come at a better time. I was still grieving over the loss of my father and generally feeling down because I hadn't really figured out what I wanted to do with my life.

​A few days after the first session I felt a lot of the depression, anger and guilt I was feeling start to lift. I started to be able to live more in the moment instead of in my head, and began feeling a little more grateful about life, and the opportunities it could hold for me. I was able to play with my daughter and really be present instead of worrying about other things that were irrelevant to that moment and that, anyway, could wait.  

After a couple of healing sessions with Olivier now and feel empowered to the point that I fear no consequences in following my inner guidance and true self, instead of suppressing it like I use to do to keep others happy, while sacrificing my own happiness and self-expression just so I could fit in. 

​I am currently pursing my dream to launch a career in media and taking all the steps that I was too afraid to take before out of fear of poverty and failure, and starting to believe in my well-being and that the universe is on my side, and that I can be brave enough to direct my life in any way I want. Something inside me finally clicked so that I could realize that I have choices and that I can chose to be happy, and do only the things that make me happy and only spend time with people that make me happy. I no longer feel obligated to do things or give my time away to people I don't have to, like previously. 

​My husband began sessions too and the difference in him was immediate after the second session. He began to open up, talk and express himself more and he was more enthusiastic about his business and our family life. I nearly fell backwards when I came back from the gym to see him sweeping the kitchen floor and trying to help me around the house!!

 Olivier is an amazingly kind, positive and emphatic person who makes you feel really cared for and brings you out of yourself so you can shine to your fullest extent. I truly believe in him and his powerful healing work and feel everybody who comes into contact with him benefits, and is uplifted." 

Katrina, NYC, USA

"I went to Olivier after the worst year or two of my life. Not only was my personal life experiencing intense difficulty, my work life was also challenging. I was feeling constantly anxious and overwhelmed. Medication helped on occasion but I knew it wasn't the long term answer.

Olivier was extremely generous with his time and after a spiritual healing session I could feel the immediate effect. It was like my head was completely rewired and the pressure that had built up in my energy system was released. I am convinced now that I had not been lucky enough to come across Olivier that it would have meant very serious consequences for my mental and physical health.  I have been to a number of wellknown healers in the past but this experience I know has already entirely changed if not saved my life. I've never before come across such a gift and knowing Olivier is there to help in troubled times gives me faith to move forward fearlessly."

Deirdre, Dublin, Ireland

"Thank you so much Olivier for the healing last week. I felt so uplifted and happy after the session, I haven't felt like that in such a long time, it gave me hope. The whole session from start to finish was relaxed but felt powerful. You have a special gift and an ability to put people at ease and see things in a different light. I was really impressed and very grateful. Thank you!" 

​​Clare, Co. Meath, Ireland

"Speaking about anxiety and the evil circle of it... that is something becoming more and more past for me. Thanks to Olivier who did more for me in one session than hundreds of doctors, tablets and desperate other trials to get better. Thank you Olivier for doing your magic. I shall come back to you."

Jens, Meath, Ireland

"There is no price on what you do Olivier. No amount of money could represent your gift,  its priceless. I am pain free for the first time in months and I feel reenergised. Remarkable, thank you so much."

​​Anne, Dublin, Ireland

"Before meeting Olivier I had been searching for a solution to my insomnia problems for about 14 years... Nothing would fix it and I absolutely refused going down the route of taking sleeping tablets. Needless to say I was in state of total exhaustion! I did come across Olivier by chance on Google and thought I would give this a go... OMG I was in for intense work! My body went into spasms during the session and lots came up for clearing for me. But all it took was 2 sessions and I am now sleeping like a baby! Olivier you have done miracles with me! I really hope that sharing my story will help guide more people your way, you are a blessing for this World."

​​Mark, Kildare, Ireland

"I went to Olivier suffering from severe panic attacks and depression. I was also very stuck in my life and not knowing what way to move forward after a lot of personal challenges that had happened in my life, including grieving the loss of my partner. 
When I met Oliver I immediately felt at ease and knew everything was going to be okay. I had never been to a healer before so I didnt know what to expect.
During the treatment I felt such a sense of inner peace which has since stayed with me to this day. His positive cheerful demeanor was very calming and yet uplifting.
My life has changed upside down since I met Olivier. We did only one session together and I no longer have any anxiety. Nothing but good things have happened in my life since that healing occurred. I am so happy. Meeting you, Olivier, was a life changing experience. Keep doing what you do!

These words are from the heart, the one you helped to heal Olivier. Thank you for being you."​

Roberta, Dublin, Ireland

"I went to Olivier and well all I can say is that he worked a miracle on me today. Everyone knows I broke the top of my hip bone in June this year and have been suffering a lot of pain and the recovery has been very slow. Well today I felt like I had a normal hip I've a minor back ache but that's probably standing all day. It's the first time in 5 months I felt normal and I'm in shock but absolutely delighted would highly recommend anyone in pain suffering to try him. He's very busy but worth the wait!"

​​Stieneke, Derry, UK

"I feel great since the energy healing last week. Something has definitely shifted, I feel much stronger emotionally and that anxious feeling has completely disappeared. On the night I forgot to mention I did have arthritis in my feet that was painful lately. I was putting it down to the cold weather but since meeting you last Friday Olivier, the pain is gone and it is like my feet have just relaxed completely! Looking forward to working with you again!"​

Emma, Dublin, Ireland

"I want to express my deepest gratitude for the work you did with me Olivier and those words don't even go near reflecting how I feel... After being diagnosed with cancer, I felt lost and helpless. Finding you has been such a blessing! I genuinely believe that going through chemo and not feeling any side effects has been the result of the work we did together. So from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU Olivier."​​

Gemma, Dublin, Ireland

"I just wanna say thank you for that healing Olivier. I'm feeling amazing in myself and I also feel that u set me free from what was holding me down, as I'm thinking a lot of what I want to achieve. I also would like to mention about when u said about there no bad or evil out there that few months after my uncle passed away he came to me in my dreams and told me the same thing! Thank you soooooooo much. Feel like a bird that has being set free!"​​

Michelle, Dublin, Ireland

"I met Olivier for the first time in Dublin and he helped me there and then so when we moved to Japan and I found out that I was pregnant with the "all day sickness". I contacted Olivier. The session was remote (him in Dublin, me in Hokkaido). I felt the warmth of hands on each side of my head, something on my solar plexus, I felt well, happy, I let go. The next couple of days, I felt better, happier, more energised and more at peace. Thank you Olivier, it's great to know I can call from this from far away."

​​Marie-Amelie, Hokkaido, Japan

"I met Olivier through a friends recommendation.There was nothing specifically wrong in my life that I needed fixing, nothing I could put my finger on but I just had a general sense that I wasn't living my life as fully as I sensed I could be. I was slightly apprehensive as I had never been to a spiritual healer before and didn't know what to expect. Olivier made me feel instantly at ease, the room he works from is beautiful and has a wonderful peaceful energy. The healing itself was amazing. I feel transformed afterwards. I feel I am a better version of myself, a better and more patient mother, a more understanding work colleague, friend and woman! I got exactly what I needed from my session even though my intention was unclear at the outset! I went back to see Olivier about 6 months later with a more specific issue and again the healing has sorted out another area of my life. I'm so grateful to have met Olivier, it's not dramatic to say he's changed my life."​

Catherine, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

"A few minutes into the session with Olivier, I could feel a big intense clearing from my solar plexus, and it felt like something very big was being lifted and being taken away, dissipated. I could feel myself thinking ''this is a big one'' and allowed myself to let go. This sensation moved down towards the sacral and the base chakras, and likewise, there was a big clearing here. Whatever I had been holding onto was allowed to let go. I felt a big welling up of deep grief inside and this came out naturally, and with ease, and it also flowed through tears. There was a sense of receiving deep comfort, acceptance and grace. The following day I felt much lighter and at peace inside. I would highly recommend this work."​

Caroline, Co. Dublin, Ireland

"I received a treatment from Olivier at MBS show in march 2014. I had previously received treatment from Darren October 2013 at show. At the show the noise levels are high and there is a sense of hustle and bustle, mixed with excitement and trepidation! Stepping into the area that the guys had, was like stepping into a zen garden! This year with Olivier, his energy was subtle, soft and welcoming, the treatment was beautiful and healing. Thank you! Last October with Darren whom I didn't know previously, I could genuinely feel his gentle openhearted healing going very deep to my core.. It took a few days to integrate! Thank you! You both have very complementing energy that work well together, I wish you both well and hope to see you both very soon xx"​​

Edel, Co. Kildare, Ireland

"I have been attending group healing sessions since December 2013 with Olivier, each time is more awesome than the last. I just feel so much more grounded, peace and contentment. At the RDS, I felt drawn to get a healing done with Olivier, it was a very relaxing experience, where I seen myself as a bright light being and I was surrounded by colourful beings similar to what one may call angels which I am very much aware of all my life. I felt very contented and happy. After the session my friend who I travelled up from Donegal with for the Holistic Fair, kept asking me if I applied creams or make up to my face as I was glowing, that I looked far different from what I looked like 20mins before. I felt very serene, contented and more rooted than ever before. I highly recommend Deo Healing to all. There is an profound energy from both Darren and Olivier that is very much felt whilst in their presence."​

Mary, Co. Donegal, Ireland

"Visited the Mind Body and Spirit at the RDS March 2014... Met a lady in a Q for one of the talks and she said we should visit the Deo Healing stand. It was amazing the work the guys could do. Met Olivier and had a session. No discussion before to brief him on anything... All I can say it's so powerful. I can't stop smiling since. My energy was low and I was completely exhausted due to work, travel and commitments... and the energy I now feel is amazing. He has directed me to something that has been holding me back which I felt was dealt with. I can only say I'm truly grateful for a wonderful healing session and so thankful for the wonderful work been done by Olivier. Thank you so much...."​

Mary, Co. Mayo, Ireland

"I was honestly a little bit nervous about going to Deo healing, but this feeling was instantly dismissed as soon as I met Olivier. It felt as if I had met a long lost friend and was instantly relaxed and safe in his company. I could feel the healing energy flow through me which has empowered me to feel more grounded, trust in myself and feel whole again. I can’t recommend and thank Olivier highly enough, and look forward to our next session."​

Emer, Co. Meath, Ireland

"I contracted sexual herpes from an ex-girlfriend and was extremely upset about it. It had affected me very, very badly. The problem became so bad that my Mum noticed how down I was. I told her what had happened. About four months ago my Mum came across Olivier in an RDS exhibition. She recommended I see him which I did. I had never been to a spiritual healer or anything like this before so didnt know what to expect. I went to Olivier for one session after which he told me he had spoken to spirits and they said I would be herpes free within 21 days. It has been four months since I have been to Olivier. I have not had an herpes outbreak since. It is a miracle in my life and the whole experience has given me a stronger faith in the things we do not understand. Thank you Olivier. Meeting you had made a huge difference to my life."​

Mark, Co Dublin, Ireland

"Having never been to the Mind, Body, Spirit festival before and really not wanting to go due to feeling quite lethargic and drained for the previous few weeks I made sure I went this year following a very clear and strong intuition that I was going to meet somebody very significant that it was important I meet...So I dragged my tired body there and was drawn effortlessly and absolutely to the Deo healing table and to Olivier and his warm, open, gentle, joyous and present energy...We had a very comfortable and easily flowing chat about his healing and I entered a competition for a healing and said goodbye with a smile on my face and deep sense of peace knowing I'd met who I was supposed to and that there was more to follow... On winning the healing I was delighted and knew I was going to sit in a very deep, healing space with Olivier which I absolutely did...I felt invited to and held in just melting fully into the space he holds by his presence alone before we even had a chat...I felt right at home and the session flowed effortlessly... Olivier thank you for inviting me into the beautiful, supportive, calm, connected, gentle, healing, and holding energy you emanate in just being your natural Spirit self :D...Thank you for the space and accompaniment you offered me...all of arrive, be fully present and to meet, greet and let go of whatever was needed...I left feeling lighter, brighter, encouraged, rooted and extremely rejuvenated... I have a feeling we will meet again soon...Much much gratitude!"

Rachael, Co Dublin, Ireland

"I first met Olivier a few months ago and had a fabulous healing on that very first visit. Little did I know that day upon leaving I would be calling on him a few months later to help heal my son who was critically ill. Olivier carried out a healing from afar and within 36 hours my son turned a corner and is continuing to make a great recovery. Olivier has a wonderful gift and to be able to experience one of his healings is an experience in itself. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason, and I truly believe I was meant to meet Olivier at my very first visit, my most recent healing was truly uplifting. I am already looking forward to my next healing."​​

Julie, Co Kildare, Ireland

"I was recently referred to Olivier for healing and we met at the busy Mind Body Spirit Show Oct.'13. Despite the busy, buzzy, noisy atmosphere there, Olivier's therapy couch proved to be an oasis of calm and tranquility. My experience of this healing could best be described by a repeated movement of a "tight" pressure from the heart area towards the throat. Olivier told me that my heart had been locked. In addition, I experienced heat and tingling in my osteoarthritic big toe which has, since the healing, shown signs of improvement. My session with Olivier instantly left me with feelings of renewed vigor, power, energy, tranquility and peace. In Olivier himself, I sensed a warm and true caring energy, which is unfortunately, a very rare thing nowadays!! Thank you Olivier! Keep up the good work and I will be back before the end of the month I have told friends of my wonderful profound experience and have no hesitation in recommending Olivier to you also."​

Siobhán, Co Dublin, Ireland

"I received a treatment from Olivier at the holistic fair on Monday. I had a pain in my shoulder and my body felt out of alignment. Even at the busy holistic fair I totally tuned off and completely relaxed.. I could feel the lovely energy flow through me. After the treatment was finished I felt completed different, I felt light and lifted and my shoulder felt realigned. It was an amazing treatment. I would like to thank Olivier for making me feel this great... He truly is a wonderful man."

Claire, Co Laois, Ireland

"I met Olivier at a local market not knowing what he did. I was drawn to him straight away when I found out he was a healer. I booked a session. I found speaking to Olivier effortless and the healing experience as a whole was truly amazing. I felt a very warm and spiritual experience and left feeling my batteries were fully charged and my worries & woes lifted. I would highly recommend Olivier there are no words to express the feeling or emotion attached to the healing it is best to experience it for yourself."​​

Jess, Kildare, Ireland

"I had been wandering around the Mind Body Spirit fair in Dublin looking for a healing, but no one stood out to me, until I found Olivier; you'd expect him to be purely Irish through and through with his red hair and pale complexion; however Olivier has a French accent! Even though the fair was really busy with the hustle and bustle of people, I found the healing very peaceful and as a healer myself I felt it was time for me to get something back rather than giving all the time. I am so glad to have had a healing with Olivier as I felt really good afterwards, also it was so nice to meet someone that I could talk to about healing and share some of our experiences. When your a healer I think its very important to have a healing from a person that you connect with or are drawn too and I must say this was the way it was for me. I am already looking forward to meeting Olivier again for my next healing and a chat. I would definitely recommend Olivier for his approach and gentleness during the healing & his gift for lifting a persons spirit is amazing"​

Catherine, Co Dublin, Ireland

"Hello, I 'm Estelle. I met Olivier for the first time in France by means of common friends. It was a period where I needed some help and listening. The treatment sessions (including two sessions over the telephone) were just incredible. I felt a powerful energy crossing all my body, like an impression that the time was suspended. These spiritual healing sessions allowed me to fully reconnect me with my essential, an experience that all my being experienced like a second birth. Olivier is a messenger of Light and Joy… Thank you Olivier for these precious moments."​

Estelle, Paris, France

"Thank u so much Olivier for your gift of healing. Our session transformed me and transported me. I will contact u again to continue this journey. Love and blessings"​​

Giannina, Los Angeles, USA

"Hello Everyone! I am Vishal Sadhariya. I am from India and actually I am here to share feedback about Olivier. My father was suffering from one kind of terminal disease. He was suffering from weird sound in his left ear and some headaches were there in his head for the last 20 years. Doctors could not find the solution for his disease. My father had left any hope that he could come out from this disease and some weeks ago he was like machine, not talking with anyone anymore, he even forgot how to smile. We were very depressed about this, but I met Olivier on Facebook and I told him about my father’s disease. He told me he would give Healing to my father. I and my father did agree and he gave him Distance Healing. Amazingly the next day my father was happy and feeling very good. Now he is talking with everyone and there were big smile on his face, I will never forget the transformation. It only happened because of Olivier. Thank you, Olivier. Thank you so much…"​​

Vishal, Gujarat, India

"I went to Olivier with no expectations. I was at a stage where I knew I needed some help, but in what way I was not sure. As soon as I entered the treatment room I felt things within myself. The complete session was such an experience, I felt elated when it was over. It was just what I needed to make that shift, I was coming from a place of despair, life drama and emotional pain that I could not set free. After the session, I felt like I left behind a huge weight, I felt as light as air, happy, relaxed and new. I look forward to my next session and the changes that will come over time. Thank you, your gift is a treasure."​

Tracy, Co Louth, Ireland

"I met Olivier at the start of February, and I instantly challenged him on the 'hows and whys' of what he does. In response, his attitude was relaxed and accepting as he answered my (somewhat cynical!) questions peacefully and slowly. I felt immediately relaxed and that I could trust him so sat down for a session. I am an articulate person but in this instance I can only say WOW. Olivier moved energy through me that got me back in touch with my self for the first time in a very long time. He knew me after just a few minutes. I felt my world change immediately in the following days and weeks and I had the strength to allow the changes. So.....I met Olivier (and Darren) at the RDS Mind Body Spirit festival and had a 'top up' session. This was amazing but in another new way - instead of releasing old negative energies as usually happens for me in this work, I felt a beautiful flow of peace love and light. I finally met and sat with my higher self when up to now my higher self has been urging me on! Olivier has a gift and words are not enough - if I could share how I feel to show others I would! I would urge anyone to simply sit with Olivier and let him use his gift with you....Awe inspiring xx"
Jane, Co Louth - Ireland

“I recently received a healing from Olivier. It was truly an amazing experience. I felt very safe in his presence and the healing was a profound mystical experience. I have been involved in spiritual healing for 15 years and Olivier is one of the best energy healers I have ever experienced, I highly recommend him and words cannot explain how powerful the healing was.” 
Carmel, Co Dublin - Ireland

"I received a very strong sense of spiritual energies and harmony at work with Olivier. His treatment room was very inviting and I felt peacefulness and a connectedness there. He himself was very friendly and warm and I found it easy to develop an instant rapport with him. Overall I came away with an enhanced feeling of well-being and was looking forward to my next session."

Mary, Co Kildare - Ireland

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